Vitalica Plus ™ uses only its very own patented “Hopkins” variety broccoli seed extract to ensure the highest concentration of Sulforaphane glucosinolate levels. Sulforaphane activates your body’s ability to eliminate toxins (pollution, hormones, pesticides) and protect your DNA.

Vitalica Plus ™: Did you know we plant, grow, harvest and extract all our own broccoli seeds (Patented Hopkins variety) to ensure proper handling (no pesticides or GMO allowed).  From seed to capsule to your health…don’t trust anything else unless its Vitalica Plus ™ !

Vitalica Plus ™ patented process ensures you’re getting sulforaphane in each serving.  In fact our studies show we produce 1000% more sulforaphane  compared to other broccoli extracts!  Dont trust your health to any of the other cheap imitators get Vitalica Plus ™ today!

Vitalica Plus ™ is for anyone young or old and mostly to support those who are dealing with chronic or acute health challenges, familiy history of serious health issues, even children with health challenges can take Vitalica Plus ™